In Memory of Mohamed Bouazizi , it took only One Man .

It took the immolation of one man , the internet and some very angry people , the Jasmine Revolution was born. He has been in power for more than 20 years and they got rid of him in a few days , his name is Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali (Ex President of Tunisia). Just like an innocent woman called Rosa Parks provoked the Civil Rights Movement in America , another previously unknown individual called Mohamed Bouazizi has managed to touch the heart of many from Sidi Bouzid.Is the slogan “Power to the People back” , may be .While some commentators took the view that the protests in Tunisia will not spill across the borders , the effect that the international community feared most happened.
Now,Egypt is faced with the “Mummy Revolution” and Hosni Mubarak is fearing that scenes from the “The Mummy Returns” are turning into reality on the streets of Cairo. The momentum of the “people movement” is sending chilling signals down the spine of many corrupt African leaders. This could actually mark the beginning of a cleaning up politics process throughout Africa. If it can happen in Tunisia after 20 years of dictatorship or Egypt after 30 years of dictatorship ,it can happen anywhere. We owe it to one man called Mohamed Bouazizi of Sidi Bouzid. Ben Ali , Hosni Mubarak , …..who is the next African Leader to be ousted. You should start betting.

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